Kennewick man identified as Richland shooting victim. Woman accused of opening fire

What started as three people coming to collect some property ended in the death of a man and two others wounded by gunfire at a Richland home, according to court documents.

Newly filed court documents identify the man who died as Jarrod Yockey of Kennewick. The 51-year-old’s body was discovered Thursday morning inside the house after a wounded man and woman ran into the street and flagged down passing drivers for help.

On Saturday, police arrested one of two suspects they’d been looking for in connection with the shooting.

Lara Maria Garcia, 29, is being held in the Benton County jail for $750,000 bail on suspicion of first-degree assault, along with several misdemeanor warrants, according to jail and court records.

Officers are still searching for a man in connection with the incident, according to a Facebook post. Police have not released his name. But court documents identify the second suspect as Garcia’s boyfriend, Michael T. Reep, 28.

Court documents on her arrest provide more details about the confrontation inside 1939 McMurray Ave.

Police were called to the house about 10:15 a.m. Thursday after Dustin P. Nelson, 37, and a 25-year-old woman, ran wounded into the road.

Inside the home, they discovered Yockey’s body, bullet holes in the door to the garage and the front door, along with a scattering of unspent shells on the stairs leading up from the basement.

The homeowner’s son, who had been beaten up, also was in the house.

Nelson, the woman and the the homeowner’s son were taken to Kadlec Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Garcia and her boyfriend, Michael Reep, are believed to have driven away, according to court documents. As they were leaving, they grabbed the recording system for the cameras in the house.

While court documents provide some new details about the shooting, they leave several questions unanswered including who is suspected of shooting Yockey or what prompted the gunfire.

Nelson told investigators that he went to the McMurray Avenue home with Yockey and the 25-year-old woman to collect property Reep allegedly stole from the woman. Nelson had met them a few days earlier, said the documents.

Nelson was told that the Reep wanted to give the items to Yockey, so they could be returned.

After arriving, Reep and Yockey talked through an open window, but Nelson couldn’t hear what was said. Nelson and Yockey then smoked some methamphetamine inside the open garage before being told to come inside. Garcia allegedly then told them to come into the house through the garage door.

The homeowner’s son let them into the home, and he and Yockey began talking. At about the same time, he saw Garcia walking upstairs while she loaded a pistol.

As Yockey started fighting with the homeowner’s son, Garcia allegedly started shooting, Nelson said. One bullet grazed his arm, and he dashed toward the front door. When he reached the door, he found it was locked. As he was attempting to unlock it, when he was shot in the side of his chest.

Police believe Garcia also shot the 25-year-old woman in the garage but she is not charged with that assault, show court documents.

Assault suspect Lara Maria Garcia, 29, makes her preliminary appearance in Benton County Superior Court via a video link from the jail. Chourt documents implicate her in last week’s Richland shooting incident on McMurray Avenue.
Assault suspect Lara Maria Garcia, 29, makes her preliminary appearance in Benton County Superior Court via a video link from the jail. Chourt documents implicate her in last week’s Richland shooting incident on McMurray Avenue.

Differing stories

The homeowner’s son, however, told police that he was sleeping on the sofa when he heard knocking on the door. When he answered, Yockey and Nelson asked him for a phone charger. Since he didn’t know them, he didn’t feel comfortable letting them in.

He went downstairs and told Reep about the men. The 28-year-old went upstairs and talked to them through an open window, and then Reep said not to let the men inside.

Nelson and Yockey allegedly went into the open garage and began banging on the door to the house, and when the son opened the door, he claimed that Yockey came in, grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Then Yockey allegedly got on top of him and started punching him.

He claimed that Nelson and the woman came into the garage and started grabbing items.

Then, he heard a gunshot and Yockey was shot in the face. He also claimed he saw Garcia shoot the other woman.

Nelson was initially arrested after he was released from the hospital for first-degree burglary based on the version told by the homeowner’s son. He was later released after being interviewed by police.

Richland police said publicly last week that the case is complicated and was taking a lot of investigation to sort it out.