Kenny Smith talks 'Inside the NBA' docuseries, March Madness

NBA analyst Kenny Smith said it was “overwhelming” watching “The Inside Story,” the docuseries about the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame show “Inside the NBA.” Smith also discussed the NBA’s continued efforts toward social justice, and the return of NCAA March Madness. The interview was conducted during a promotional run for Corona’s March Madness “Corona Hotline.” (March 26)

Video Transcript

KENNY SMITH: I actually didn't see it. For the first time I saw it was on television. That was the first time I saw it.

I was extremely happy, honored. Either you're really old or really good when they do a documentary and you're still alive. So I'm taking that I'm really good, not really old-- we, as a group. And it was overwhelming kind of watching it like remembering the contributions that we've made to sports television and television in general.

I think the players have done a great job first and foremost of keeping the awareness. They have shirts on, on the pregame that says "built by black history." They keep the message out there, even though the cause to fight isn't in your face like a George Floyd or things that had gone on in the past.

So I think the fight-- those guys do a great job. Our job and my job is to amplify it. That's it. Amplify it, make it known, and be a megaphone for some things that they might not be able to say on a daily basis. But I think the league has done a great job of understanding what the players are going through, what their players' needs are, and what society needs from them, which a lot of leagues don't pay attention to.

Don't be on the edge of your seat this year in March. Like, sit back in your seat. Be firm in it. Relax. Knowing that we were tearing things apart last year, now we're building things. A different place.

So enjoy the fact that we have games in March. We have games continuing on in April, May, whatever. We're just continuing going. Enjoy that.

Don't get caught up if your team loses this year. Just the fact that they're playing. Again, las vida mas fina. I'm going to keep saying it. Enjoy it. Enjoy this year because we've come a long way in a year, and a lot of things have happened that people really need a break from.