Kenosha DA announces no charges will be filed against police officers for the shooting of Jacob Blake

Kenosha, Wis., District Attorney Michael Graveley announced on Tuesday that his office will not pursue charges against police officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake. On Aug. 23, Blake, a Black man, was shot seven times by a white police officer, Rusten Sheskey. Blake was shot in the back and left paralyzed from the waist down.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL GRAVELEY: And it is my decision now, that I announce today before you, that no Kenosha law enforcement officer in this case will be charged with any criminal offense, based on the facts and the laws as I will describe them to you now. So it is our decision that no charge will be filed.

I'm going to also tell you, just because I think it is important, that no charge will be filed against Jacob Blake in regards to this incident as well. That, for many of the same reasons-- in terms of an overall discussion about this case-- that is not something that is something that the district attorney's office intends to pursue.