Kent Island Officials Say Navigations Apps Cause Gridlock Problems

Officials in Kent Island are working to resolve navigation issues that cause gridlocks.

Video Transcript

- Well, traffic expected to surge this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. You better watch out. More state troopers will be on the roads, of course. Starting tomorrow, troopers will be from each of the 23 barracks. They'll be cracking down on impaired, aggressive, and distracted driving along with speeding, of course. And this weekend also kicks off the department's summer enforcement efforts.

And if your holiday travel route does include the Bay Bridge, don't think of using navigation app Waze to help you avoid traffic backups. Kent Island leaders say when drivers use the app to find an alternate route, it ends up causing a gridlock on local roads like Route 18, and then emergency vehicles are unable to get through, making response times triple. That's why this summer there are some contingency plans in place to shut down ramps up from 50, approaching the Bay Bridge to keep the local roads clear.