Kentucky governor releases video with an update on deadly flooding in the state

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear released a video on Friday providing an update on flooding in his state that has killed at least 15 people. Beshear said that the death toll is likely to at least double.

Video Transcript

ANDY BESHEAR: Hey, everybody. It's Andy. I wanted to give a quick update on the historic flooding in Eastern Kentucky. We have now lost at least 15 Kentuckians, though that number is going to grow. It'll probably more than double.

We know some of the lost will include children. We may have even lost entire families. We have over 23,000 Kentuckians still without power, many counties without water.

Yesterday, we engaged in over 50-- or around 50-- air rescues and hundreds of boat rescues. I want to thank the National Guard. I want to thank the Kentucky State Police. I want to thank all our local officials, fish and wildlife, all those heroes that are out there helping people.

This situation is ongoing. We are still in the search and rescue mode. And at least in some areas, the water is not going to crest until tomorrow.

For those that want to help, we will need water and cleaning supplies. We will have a list of shelters out. They include at least a couple of state parks-- Buckhorn and Jenny Wiley. People can also help by donating to the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund. That is

It's going to be a tough couple of days, and then it's going to be a long rebuild. But we are tough enough. We'll make it. Let's stick together. Let's help out our fellow human being.