Kentucky man indicted in mayoral candidate shooting case

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky man who police said fired a handgun at a Louisville mayoral candidate has been indicted on attempted murder and endangerment charges.

Quintez Brown, 21, was arrested shortly after the Feb. 14 shooting. The mayoral candidate, Craig Greenberg, was not hit by the gunfire at his campaign office but said a bullet grazed his sweater.

A grand jury in Louisville on Monday indicted Brown on one count of attempted murder and four counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. Four of Greenberg's staffers were nearby when the shooting occurred, according to a media release from Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine.

Brown has been on home incarceration with an ankle monitor since he was released on bond shortly after his arrest. A group called the Louisville Community Bail Fund paid the $100,000 cash bond, prompting outrage from Greenberg, who said it was “impossible to believe” Brown could be released from jail after the shooting.

Brown's lawyer said at a hearing last month that Brown has “serious mental issues.”

Greenberg, a Democrat, said he was at his campaign headquarters when a man appeared in the doorway and began firing multiple rounds. A staffer managed to shut the door, which they barricaded using tables and desks, and the suspect fled. Brown was apprehended about a half-mile from the office and arrested.

Brown was running for Louisville Metro Council at the time of the shooting. He will be arraigned on the charges April 4.