Kentucky man said he had ‘a safe place’ for teens. Some were abused, police say

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Two people have been charged in Mount Sterling after investigators discovered that a “youth support group” allegedly was used to commit sexual abuse and provide teenagers with drugs and alcohol, according to the police department.

The “youth support group” was allegedly being run out of McFadden’s Antiques, a store on S. Queen Street in Mount Sterling, according to police. Richard J. McFadden made fliers saying his youth program included bible study and offered teenagers a chance to make money by working for him at McFadden’s Antique Collectibles and McFadden’s Transportation.

“I Richard J. McFadden, would like to propose an idea to you as the community,” he wrote in the flier. “To help these teens with a safe place to be.”

McFadden asked for people to donate money, food and drinks to the program, according to a photo of the flier shared by police. He said the money would be used to build a basketball court and provide other sporting equipment to the teenagers.

But police say McFadden was providing marijuana and alcohol to teenagers 13 to 18 years old, and teens were touched inappropriately.

McFadden was arrested Thursday and charged with sexual abuse, marijuana trafficking and making an unlawful transaction with a minor, according to jail records.

Phyliss Mastin was also arrested and charged with making an unlawful transaction with a minor, according to police.