Kevin De Bruyne accepts PFA Men's Player of the Year award

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne wins Men's Player of the Year.

Video Transcript

KEVIN DE BRUYNE: It's crazy, isn't it? Talk about two legends in the game. You know, one of the best strikers and probably one of the top two players in the world ever. So you know, to do the same thing as them, it's actually crazy. Yeah, I do. Obviously, I signed a new contract and knowing the playing style, and you know, I think everybody knows that I'm really happy here. And you know, we've been competing for every trophy, and you know that suits my competitive nature anyway, so you know the team has been unbelievable. They pushed me to my best level every day, and I'm happy to contribute to that. And you know, it's my job to push them every day to get better and better, and to be there every game and you know that's what I'm trying to do.

Well, I think obviously people talk about the game after West Brom I think is Southampton, but probably the games before new year were not the best, but we were winning them and it was becoming better. I think I would say maybe the Chelsea game changed it, away, where we played really well and obviously a big result. And obviously that was already in the start of the run anyway. But obviously that period. Yeah, that's what made the difference in the Premier League this year. And I think that was obvious.