Kevin Hart to open plant-based restaurant

Yahoo Finance's Brad Smith and Brian Sozzi discuss Kevin Hart's new restaurant, Hart House.

Video Transcript


BRAD SMITH: It is time for Cut for Time, everyone. We've got two stories. We put one minute on the clock for each. Let's start with this. Kevin Hart cooking up a new venture here, venture-- or, no, vegan fast food, excuse me, for the venture. The actor has officially announced the opening of his first location, dubbed Hart House. It's going to be August 25 in Los Angeles. The menu entirely plant-based.

Now, here's what's significant about this. Hart, who is a very big fitness fanatic, he clearly has done a lot of studying and constructing his own not just workout regimen but also, as you know, the dieting to go along with that. And I think this is a significant move to really show what perhaps he's found successful for himself and offer that to a new venue. Well, a city that, of course, does lean--

BRIAN SOZZI: I think it's a great initiative. You look at the menu, it's just very millennial-focused-friendly. And that's good. It's good they're selling better food. I would encourage him, stick some of these next to a McDonald's. Get some of that traffic out of there eating Big Macs and into restaurants like this. Good for him.

BRAD SMITH: I wonder what is the most vegan city. I should have looked that up ahead of time because--

BRIAN SOZZI: It might be a quick answer.

BRAD SMITH: You would imagine it would be one of the more health nut cities that are out there, whether it's Miami or whether it's LA--

BRIAN SOZZI: He looks healthy.

BRAD SMITH: --or something like that. Oh, yeah, he's very fit. Yeah.