Key Takeaways From Week 1 Of Derek Chauvin’s Trial

Jason DeRusha takes a look back at the key moments from the first week of Derek Chauvin’s trial (1:40) WCCO 4 News At 5 - April 2, 2021

Video Transcript

JASON DERUSHA: A short day in court, an emotional week in court. Joe Tamburino, our legal expert-- longtime criminal defense attorney-- has been helping guide us through it. Joe, this testimony from Lieutenant Zimmerman today-- how important is it?

JOE TAMBURINO: Extremely important. It was devastating to the defense. Because this is an extremely high-ranking officer in the Minneapolis Police Department, saying that what Mr. Chauvin did was uncalled for and that he wouldn't have done that-- basically that it was excessive use of force. It was powerful.

JASON DERUSHA: I think the public has the idea that police officers don't typically rat on other police officers-- to use, kind of, colloquialism there. What does it mean to a jurer to hear two, now, high ranking police officers in Minneapolis say they thought this went too far?

JOE TAMBURINO: It's extremely devastating to the defense. Because think of it this way. Normally, you call experts.

These are expert people in use of force areas, who go do a use of force review. They review everything in the case. They have testified before, as experts of use of force.

But in this case, we seem to see just officers, who are obviously experts, as being police officers, but not use of force, come in and give their opinion. So it's powerful information.

JASON DERUSHA: Very good. Joe Tamburino, thank you. The jury got a little break this afternoon, as did the court, with a short day in court. But back in action on Monday.

We expect more law enforcers to testify. And we also expect to start getting into the medical evidence in this case on the cause of death and the medical examiner. Some more science coming up. You can follow all of it, of course, on our streaming service-- CBSN Minnesota.