Speed of coronavirus deaths shock doctors as New York toll hits new high

By Nick Brown and Gabriella Borter
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    The metro NYC is very unique in its population density and mass transit system. It makes total sense that it will be hit the hardest. Cali and WA are populated but people spend a lot of time in their cars to commute, not jam packed on trains, buses and subways.
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    What is not counted is those who died in December 2019 ( and possibly before), January 2020, and February 2020 and those deaths were attributed to pneumonia, or something else.
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    Letting people die at home? that's not the way to flatten the curve. I think the primary cause of those who died at home is because the EMS was overloaded and couldn't take them to hospitals on time.
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    I truly believe crowding all these people together is just making their situation worse. This virus seems to become extremely more dangerous the higher the density gets.
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    To put this in perspective I'd like to remind people that on this past Sunday the total number of Americans who died from the coronavirus was 9,637. Today the current death toll is 14,183. That's an increase of 4,546. We are not out of the woods yet. Keep social distancing, washing your hands, and staying home if you can.
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    sam a
    "94% of the population ordered to stay at home," that has to be a typo. I am in the convenience store business and nearly all of the private business' owned by people are open. Bars are closed along with many other hair salons, nail shops ect., but the major employers are all open so how 94% are ordered to stay home is beyond me. Outside of public officials, schools and non-essential small business' I have not seen any drop in traffic.
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    Saying 1000 dead without providing ages or medical condition prior to death doesn't help but fueling the panic.
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    If we have 400K confirmed cases then there are millions of people actually infected
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    So far, all the models have bene proven wrong. All the models overstated the negative effects. Hospitalization rates (dramatically overstated), fatality rates (closer at least), etc. Thanks for the semi-panic you in the media. We will all await your apology for the anti-Trump half truths and lies.
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    Ooops, truth starting to leak out.