KFC customer sparks drama with response to botched chicken order: ‘That’s a scam’

A woman is being called a “Karen” by her daughter for asking to speak to the manager at a KFC. The mom posted her story on Reddit’s "Am I the A******" forum. She ordered a bucket of fried chicken with 24 pieces at KFC. However, when she only counted 21 pieces in her order, she demanded to speak to the manager. The mom proceeded to take the chicken out of the bucket and lay it on the counter to show that there were only 21 pieces. "I then said I either want my three pieces or a refund because this is not what I had paid for," the mom wrote. The manager ended up rectifying the situation, but the woman's daughter was mortified by her mother's behavior. Reddit users sided with the mom on this one. "You paid for a certain number of items and that is what you should receive," one person commented