Kherson Oblast power grid left severely damaged

Consequences of destruction in Kherson region
Consequences of destruction in Kherson region

According to Kudrytskyi, the Russians blew up two major transformer substations.

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“The energy facility, which provided power supply to the entire right bank of Kherson Oblast and a significant part of Mykolaiv Oblast, was practically destroyed; it no longer exists,” Kudrytskyi wrote.

“Two automatic transformers, each weighing 250 tons, were blown up. The relay protection hall, compressor room, battery room were additionally shot and smashed. In their impotent rage, the retreating invaders laid waste to several hectares of infrastructure. They are a vile horde that knows only destruction.”

Nevertheless, Ukrenergo – together with local energy companies and administrations – is “already working out” plans for restoring power supply to the liberated Kherson Oblast.

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“Sappers are already inspecting high-voltage lines that run along territories where heavy fighting took place,” Kudrytskyi added.

“Those areas are heavily mined. We work carefully, but don’t waste a single minute. Most of the Kherson Oblast has been without electricity since Nov. 6. We are doing everything possible to help people as quickly as possible.”

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He added that Ukraine has already handed over the list of its equipment needs to its international partners. Poland and France have already responded, and their equipment was sent to Ukraine.

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