Kherson TV company accused of working with Russian occupation

The Kherson-based VTV+ TV channel is cooperating with the Russian occupation authorities
The Kherson-based VTV+ TV channel is cooperating with the Russian occupation authorities

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“There is a local broadcaster in Kherson, the VTV+ company,” she said.

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“At first we thought that they were acting under duress, but we already realized that they were cooperating with Russia. They are using a Russian satellite and bringing collaborators on the air to give them the opportunity to speak on behalf of Ukrainians.”

Herasimyuk said that the National Council is holding field events and recording the work of the media in the occupied territories.

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“The most common information tactic of the Russians is to intimidate the local population from the occupied territories, including Crimea,” Herasimyuk said.

“In particular, propagandists are spreading messages that upon their return, the Ukrainian authorities will judge people who were under occupation, create filtration camps, and separate families.”

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Earlier, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had established fire control almost over the entire territory of Kherson Oblast.

On Sept. 12, OC South reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had liberated 13 settlements since the beginning of active operations, bringing more than 500 square kilometers under Ukrainian control.

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