Khloé Kardashian returns to Instagram to post heartfelt tribute

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After some radio silence on her Instagram page since early January, Khloé Kardashian returned to the platform recently to post a touching tribute to the late mother of Tristan Thompson.

Andrea Thompson, who sadly passed away on 6th January, suffered a heart attack and was rushed to hospital from her home in Toronto, Canada. Khloé's post, which shared a collection of images featuring Andrea alongside herself, Tristan, and their daughter True, expressed feelings of disbelief and denial towards the sudden loss.

"I have been avoiding this…. Avoiding accepting this is real. I have so much to say but nothing at all…. I have so many emotions and still I feel numb," she wrote.

"Life can be brutally unfair at times and This has been one of the toughest times in so many of our lives. But at the same time, I feel blessed that I am lucky to have had someone that makes saying goodbye so incredibly difficult."

In the post, a video of Andrea making a speech at Khloé's baby shower is included, where she expressed a close bond with the Kardashian.

"I don't have a daughter," Andrea says in the clip. "But when I'm texting Khloé, I always put 'to my daughter'."

Though Tristan and Khloé aren't romantically together anynmore, Andrea seemed to play an important role in both Khloé and True's lives, as shown in the pictures posted alongside the emotional message.

"Goodbyes for good are something I don’t believe in. I KNOW I will see you again. I know I will hear your sweet voice and infectious laugh again. I know I’ll get to feel that embrace of yours. I’ll see you again with the many that have gone before you that I so desperately miss, love and cherish."

Khloé also vowed to watch out for Andrea's son Amari, who is the youngest of four brothers and suffers from epilepsy.

tristan and amari thompson
George Pimentel - Getty Images

Tristan established The Amari Thompson Fund back in 2013 in honour of his brother and to raise money, awareness, and education for the disorder. In the post, images of Khloé and Amari are shared alongside the caption, which reads:

"At the same time, I know you never wanted to leave your boys. They are your entire world. They will learn to live with the hole in their hearts because they are warriors just like their warrior mommy. Just know, I promise you, Amari will be perfectly ok. We will all look after him, help him and protect him. Your boys will be ok because they have their guardian Angel by their side."

Earlier this month, Kris Jenner also posted a touching tribute to Andrea Thompson on her Instagram, sharing images of Andrea with the message:

"You were the most amazing, dedicated, devoted, and selfless mom and such a loving, kind, and fabulous grandmother. What a blessing you were to your family!!"

"I will miss you Andrea. I will miss your bright spirit and amazing light."

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