Khloe Kardashian claps back at feminist critic who called her an ‘alien’

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Khloé Kardashian took care of a mean-spirited critic who called her an “alien.”

Recently, the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters became an ambassador for Nuretc, a prescription drug used to treat migraines. In a recent tweet by Nurtec, the brand posted a video featuring Khloè.

One woman, with a bio that read “Feminist • Socialist • Enthusiast,” responded to the tweet in a very hateful manner.

“Does research indicate that the more plastic surgery someone has the more likely they are to suffer from migraines” said the tweet’s author Marsha Coupè. “What kind of pharmaceutical company chooses someone who has had so much plastic surgery they look like an alien, as their spokesperson?”

The critical remark got the attention of Khloè who went on to call out Coupe for being a self-proclaimed feminist.

“Sorry you feel that way,” Khloè tweeted back. “You have every right to block/mute me. I am trying to help many out there who suffer in silence. I R completely entitled to your opinions. Just as I am to mine. I don’t think you should refer to yourself as a feminist if you are attacking a woman unprovoked.”

Coupe did not respond to Khloè's retort but the Nurtec spokeswoman did get tons of support.

“You tell em Khloe where did the ‘if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all’ go?” tweeted one user. “But in the past I’ve tweeted yucky stuff thinking it was funny but humor is a double edged sword. Sorry for any negativity I set your way. When you know better you do better.”