Khloe Kardashian exchanges barbs with trolls body-shaming sister Kim on Instagram

Lord help the mister (or miss) who comes for Khloe Kardashian’s sisters. This middle sister is not afraid to take down her family’s haters in the comments, as she proved Tuesday.

After sharing a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a form-fitting sheer white dress, her sister Kim Kardashian was first in line to show some love on the post commenting “WOW WOW WOW!!!!”

But the responses to Kim’s comment are what started all the drama.

A social media hater immediately responded to the 42-year-old reality star responding, “hey Pamper booty.” Khloe stepped in to defend her sister by replying on Kim’s behalf with a sharp “hey blocked brows.”

The exchange of barbs went even further when another user stepped in to double down on the Kim Kardashian hate: “rather have blocked brows that’s easy off than a saggy diaper.”

Obviously incredibly aggravated by the insults, Good American owner Khloe offered a fiery comeback that ended the Insta-beef when she wrote, “Those things are tatted on but a hater is going to hate,” the reality star wrote, “That a— is a—’n but you do you baby, that’s why we have so many flavors. Not everyone has the same taste. Sending you love and a little bit of agua. You seem thirsty my love.”

The heated exchange didn’t go unnoticed by fans who chimed in to support the Kardashian sisters. One user reacted: “I just witnessed a murder.”