Kick It Out CEO throws support behind Premier League social media boycott

Kick It Out would support a Premier League-wide social media boycott in protest at online abuse, with the anti-discrimination body’s chief executive Tony Burnett saying he is “sick of platitudes” from the companies involved.

Video Transcript

TONY BURNETT: We've got to judge the words by the outcomes. And the outcome that we're seeing at the minute is this problem is getting worse, not better.

And I keep hearing stats from social media companies talking about how many posts they've taken down before they get to an individual. I mean, that's irrelevant. Tell that to one of the young men at the weekend or the young women over the weekend that have been on the receiving end of this.

Just-- I mean, use that as an excuse, actually, we've taken down six million posts. It's meaningless. Because the posts that caused the offense and caused the hurt and caused the pain are the ones that get through. And it's still getting through in numbers that are just inexplicable.

So not enough is being done. And I'm sick of platitudes on this. And I think, you know, as an organization, Kick it Out are sick of platitudes on this. We want to see action.

So absolutely, we support football and our partners in football that are taking direct action. If that's a boycott, fantastic. We'll get absolutely behind you on it.