Kick off 2022 with a look back at stories you may have missed

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Good morning, readers! Even though it's a Monday, it’s the first Monday of 2022. We have a perfect opportunity to turn around Mondays for good here, starting today – fresh start and all that.

Simply Simons Swansea.
Simply Simons Swansea.

But before we dive into the first week of the new year, let's take a moment to reflect on the week that's passed. Just as we all bid a fond farewell to 2021, Swansea diners bid adieu to a popular hometown restaurant. Also, the former Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset expects significant investment at its site thanks to offshore wind. Plus, the clock has run out on the Venus de Milo, and more. See what stories you may have missed, right here.

About 35 hearty souls welcomed the new year with a swim at Grinnell's Beach in Tiverton on Saturday. This 10th annual Penguin Plunge, sponsored by the Tiverton Yacht Club, was to benefit the Tiverton Public Library, with donations from swimmers and spectators, according to a press release from Jim Rogers. Get a load of these brave people here.

And even as we move forward in time, we like to remember the past. Photo editor Colin Furze has put together another wonderful collection of archive photos looking back at Fall River’s heyday – check them out here!


Your three-day forecast.
Your three-day forecast.

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