Kid Cudi Calls Out Kanye West, Says it Will Take A 'Miracle' to Mend Friendship

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Kanye West slammed Kid Cudi earlier this year for being friendly with Pete Davidson.

Kid Cudi appears to be done with Kanye West for good.

According to the "Erase Me" rapper, his friendship with West likely won't ever be salvaged after the Yeezy designer publicly bashed Cudi over his association with Pete Davidson earlier this year.

"It's gonna take a motherf****** miracle for me and that man to be friends again," Cudi, 38, revealed to Esquire for the magazine's September 2022 issue. "I don't see it happening. He gon' have to become a monk."

In February, West, 45, removed Cudi's contributions from his Donda 2 album and made several disparaging Instagram posts about him—all because he was friendly with the Saturday Night Live star who was dating West's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, at the time.

"I'm not one of your kids. I'm not Kim. It don't matter if I'm friends with Pete or not friends with Pete. None of this s*** had anything to do with me," he explained. "If you can't be a grown man and deal with the fact that you lost your woman? That's not my f****** problem. You need to own up to your s*** like every man in this life has."

West targeted Cudi multiple times during his infamous social media rants over the past several months, including one Instagram image that featured a Photoshopped version of a Captain America: Civil War poster, depicting Davidson, Cudi and Kardashian on the opposing team.

"Do you know how it feels to wake up one day, look at your social media, and you're trending because somebody's talking some s*** about you?" Cudi continued in his conversation with Esquire. "And then you got this person's trolls sending you messages on Instagram and Twitter. All in your comments? That s*** p***** me off. That he had the power to f*** with me that week... You f****** with my mental health now, bro."

According to the publication, the "Day 'N' Nite" artist responded to West's social media attacks at the time, telling the "Praise God" singer, "Everyone knows I’ve been the best thing about ur albums since I met u. Ima pray for u brother.” He also declared in a tweet in April that his friendship with West was officially over.

Prior to their falling out, West and Cudi had collaborated on tons of projects together since Cudi—whose real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi—was signed to West's label, G.O.O.D. Music, in 2008.

However, Cudi made note that while he's been on "every one" of West's albums, "He's only been on two of mine."

"That should tell you something," he added, following up with, "And don't think I didn't ask."

Cudi concluded the conversation about the feud by telling the magazine he is trying to let go of his beef with West and focus on himself.

"The twisted thing is that I love him, but I love you so much that I can kick you the f*** out of my life and be done with your a**. ’Cause you are not good for me," he stated. "I love myself more now, bro. I love myself way more."

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