Kid Cudi Shares Two New Tracks From 'Speedin' Bullet to Heaven'

Trace William Cowen

Just days after making an undeniably strong showing at Kanye West's pair of 808s & Heartbreak shows at the Hollywood Bowl and revealing that his forthcoming Speedin' Bullet to Heaven would be a double album, Kid Cudi has shared two new decidedly adventurous tracks. After apologizing for a slight delay due to a last-minute mixing request, Cudi quickly took matters into his own hands by sharing the pair of tracks on Twitter before retweeting excerpts from the immediate fan frenzy that followed:

As he previously promised, these tracks are definitely heavy on vintage-esque guitar and bass, which shouldn't worry fans because this sort of rock & roll scenery has always been very kind to Cudi. Stream "Wedding Tux" and "Judgemental Cunt" below:

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