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Kid interviewers ask 'My Little Pony' star Vanessa Hudgens to buy them a pony

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My Little Pony: A New Generation star Vanessa Hudgens faces tough questions from kid reporters.

Video Transcript

LYLA POLOWY: Hi, I'm Lyla.

LUNA POLOWY: Hi, I'm Luna.

LYLA POLOWY: Our dad works for Yahoo, where he interviews celebrities.

LUNA POLOWY: And now it's our turn!

LYLA POLOWY: Today we're interviewing Vanessa Hudgens, star of "My Little Pony."

LUNA POLOWY: Ooh! I want a pony!

LYLA POLOWY: Hi, Vanessa. We loved your movie.

VANESSA HUDGENS: Thank you so much. I'm so glad you like it.

LYLA POLOWY: And you're really pretty.

VANESSA HUDGENS: Thank you, so are you-- both of you.

LYLA POLOWY: How did you like being in "My Little Pony?" Did you like it, or did you love it?

VANESSA HUDGENS: I loved it! I loved it so much. I remember playing with My Little Pony when I was, like, three years old. Like, I think it was the first toy that I had. If I could tell my three-year-old self that I would be a voice in "My Little Pony," I would not believe her.

LUNA POLOWY: How many real ponies do you have?

VANESSA HUDGENS: I don't have any ponies. I wish that I did. That would be so cool.

LYLA POLOWY: You're a movie star! You should have, like, 100,000 ponies!

VANESSA HUDGENS: That would be a lot-- a lot of maintenance. That sounds like a lot of work.

LUNA POLOWY: Will you buy us a pony?

KEVIN POLOWY: Guys, I told you you can't just ask people to buy you ponies all the time.

LYLA POLOWY: You know what we call our daddy?



LUNA POLOWY: Daddy Doo-Doo Face.

KEVIN POLOWY: Guys, that's really mean.

LUNA POLOWY: What do you collect if you don't collect ponies?

VANESSA HUDGENS: What do I collect if I don't collect ponies? I really like furniture and art.

LYLA POLOWY: Luna collects Legos, and I collect money I steal from dad.


KEVIN POLOWY: Hey, what? What?

VANESSA HUDGENS: Now you know.

LYLA POLOWY: When I grow up, I want to be a beautiful famous actress like you.

VANESSA HUDGENS: You're so sweet.

LUNA POLOWY: I just want a pony! Daddy said you went to musical high school.

KEVIN POLOWY: "High School Musical."

LUNA POLOWY: I was in a movie called "High School Musical" where there was a lot of singing and dancing, and it was set in high school. That was a lot of fun. I made some really great friends. I got to do what I love, singing and dancing and acting. And we had a really good time. Have you guys seen it?



LUNA POLOWY: Were there any cute boys there?

VANESSA HUDGENS: There were, there were cute boys. But you don't think about that yet, you're too young.

LYLA POLOWY: Luna has a crush on Harry Styles.

LUNA POLOWY: No, I don't!

LYLA POLOWY: Yes, you do!

LUNA POLOWY: No, I don't.

LYLA POLOWY: Yes, you do.

VANESSA HUDGENS: I mean, don't we all?

KEVIN POLOWY: I think it's time to wrap this up, guys. Is there anything else you wanted to ask Vanessa?

LYLA POLOWY: Are you sure you don't want to buy Luna a pony?

VANESSA HUDGENS: If you want one, I got you! I will send a "My Little Pony" toy, which is a pony.

KEVIN POLOWY: It's technically a pony.

VANESSA HUDGENS: Technically, that is a pony.

KEVIN POLOWY: And we can fit it in the house a lot easier.

VANESSA HUDGENS: Exactly. And you don't have to clean up after it.

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