A kids' fairy tale becomes a lesson in the legal system

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2022 mock trial participants Thursday.
2022 mock trial participants Thursday.

A mock trial aimed at helping young students understand the workings of the legal system put a spin on a familiar tale, with Goldilocks and the eponymous three bears facing off in a courtroom. Creative Arts Network organized the event, with local attorneys playing all the characters from the classic story, complete with costumes and hammed up acting. Find out how kids – and adults – learned about the legal system right here.

Joseph and Lucy Moniz have maintained one specific rule in their household of 10 for nearly three decades. Each of their children must participate in high school sports. The Westport couple feels sports teach you things beyond what you learn in the classroom. Meet their last three kids in high school, Sarah, Lindsay and Gloria, all learning good sportsmanship, good health and the importance of hard work.

Davoll’s General Store owner and writer Ben Shattuck has a new book out that not only follows the paths that Henry David Thoreau once took; it also climbs the hills and descends into the vales of his own life. “Six Walks: In the Footsteps of Henry David Thoreau” chronicles the walks that Shattuck took, following Thoreau’s famous footsteps, over the course of several years, and moving from a very difficult time to much happier ones. Read more about him here.


Your three-day forecast.
Your three-day forecast.

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