Kids getting vaccinated soon? How Galveston Co. is preparing

Are you a parent hoping to get your child vaccinated soon? Health departments have a plan to get them ready before school in the fall.

Video Transcript

- Right now, anyone 16 and older can get a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas. Soon, it could change to 12 and up, in addition, some parents have been waiting for.

- It's going to be much easier for us to travel, and also, feel much safer to travel also across the US.

- I'm all right with it, you know? It's going to help. If it's good, if it's helping-- you know what I'm saying? --keep the spread down, it will be worth it.

- As parents wait for FDA approval, local health departments are working on distribution plans for kids. In Houston, the Health Department says, it'll utilize mass vaccination sites, multi-service centers, pharmacies, and other organizations. In Galveston County, it could look different. Instead of drive-through sites, kids might get vaccinated at school.

- I think, most likely, what we'll probably try to do is work with school districts. You know, most of the school districts have a couple of big high schools, or sporting event fields, or stadiums.

- County officials plan to discuss the plan next week. They say it could take several weeks to develop. With school ending soon, facilities could serve as a perfect vaccination site.

- This is one we need to do we. Need to do it not only to protect our children, but we need to do it to protect our families. Because kids can be a portal for bringing it in.

- No matter where the shots are administered, some parents say, they just can't wait for approval.

- Schools would be nice, too, if parents will allow it too. Because they are proving that they're good. The nurses in there are OK to give it out. I don't see no problem with it.

- And I just heard from Harris County moments ago, and the department there tells me that they are working on a plan. And as of right now, they do not anticipate using schools, but they are still working on a plan. And that could change later on. Now, as far as other kids, you might be wondering, when are they going to be approved? Coming up on Eyewitness News at 4:00, we're going to tell you the timeline and just how quickly kids under the age of 12 could be approved as well. In Fort Wayne County, Nick Natario, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.