Kids at Lietz Elementary head back to class

This San Jose elementary school is getting ready to have children back in the classroom.

Video Transcript

- Well, we focus on education here at ABC 7 news because it's a way to help build a better Bay Area. Kids have been distance learning for about a year now, and I've been talking with local teachers about how it's going. Annemarie Guido teaches second grade at Lietz elementary school in San Jose. Her first year as a teacher was last year when the pandemic started. Can you imagine that? Well, as we were talking, I found out she's about to have kids back in her classroom.

Do you already have a return to school date?


- Oh. How are you feeling about that?

ANNEMARIE GUIDO: You should see my classroom. My classroom is a mess, but I'm really excited, and what's been so great is our families have a choice. They can stay in person or online. And so about half of my kids are coming in person with me, and half of them are staying online. And I'm going to be teaching the kids in person in the morning, and then they'll go home. And in the afternoons, I'll log on to Zoom, and I'll Zoom with the rest of my kids. And every Wednesday we'll have a whole group, like, online Zoom meeting. So I am so excited. I'm ready to get back into the classroom. I cannot wait.

What's been so wonderful is our district sent in our district nurse, and she literally came around and looked at every single classroom to make sure that it was up to the standards that it needs to be safe and gave me ideas of ways that I can pull small groups and still make it remain safe.

- And that nurse Annemarie mentioned is Kristina Suzuki, and I am told she has been incredible through all of this, making sure students and staff will have everything they need when that bell rings on Monday. It's like back to school, but it's February. All I know is I feel so excited for them. And so for all the kids and teachers going back at Lietz on Monday, have a great first day of school.

- Yeah. I'm going to thank you for introducing us to Annemarie. Her passion for kids and for teaching is so wonderful to see.

- Oh, it's incredible. We'll be hearing more from her in the coming weeks, so it's great.

- Excellent. All right.