Kieran Trippier believes mix of talent and experience is right blend for England

Kieran Trippier is excited by England’s mix of talent and experience heading into a European Championship that he hopes can “reunite” the country after the challenges of a coronavirus-impacted 15 months. Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions were among the favourites to win Euro 2020, only for last summer’s eagerly-anticipated tournament to be pushed back due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Video Transcript

- When I see like Phil Folden and Jack Grealish and Jude Bellingham and that in training, you just think for such a young age they've got so much quality. And you look at the seasons that they've had. Phil in the a League even Jude in the Champions League-- a 17-year-old and the performance that he put in against City-- it just shows the talent that he's got. We've got so many good young players now in the England set up it's crazy, really, but they're so mature for their age, like I say they're doing it at the highest level now. You've got Jack as well, who is an unbelievable player.

So like I say, it's good that we've got the young players coming through and also the experience, so we can help them, as a guy who is a 30-year-old now. So all I can say is I believe in every single play in the England team. I believe, you know, we've got an unbelievable manager, the players, got such a quality team and we'll be going into every single game, make no mistake, to win every single game. And I believe that with the squad that we've got we can achieve great things now moving into the future, for sure. As everybody can see, we've got such a good team, an unbelievable team, so we just need to focus on ourselves and just give 120%. That's all we can ask for and just put on a show and try and win every game.