'The Killing Needs To Stop': A Mother's Plea After A Mass Shooting In Chicago Left One Dead, Several Injured

CBS 2 has never-before-seen video of the moments after a mass shooting in the Wrightwood neighborhood that left one dead and seven others injured. CBS 2's Meredith Barack reports from police headquarters.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Developing now, never-before-seen video of the moments after a mass shooting in the Wrightwood neighborhood that left one dead, seven others injured. You can see people running away. CBS 2's Meredith Barack joins us live from police headquarters. Meredith, you've learned the group was together because of a previous shooting?

MEREDITH BARACK: Brad, we learned people were gathered for a celebration of life for a man who was a victim of gun violence himself. But who owns the business, and why the shooting happened at all, are still two questions we're trying to get answers for.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: I'm tired, I'm so tired of this. I really am. I am. The guns, the killing needs to stop.

MEREDITH BARACK: A mother's plea.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: I'm just-- right now, my heart is just really heavy.

MEREDITH BARACK: Michelle Chambers says her 28-year-old son, shown here in his hospital bed, will be OK after being shot here at 2515 West 79th Street in Wrightwood.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: They was here having a good time. They was getting ready to leave. A young lady came to the door. She looked, came in and looked around. She stepped out and shots just started.

MEREDITH BARACK: This video shows the moment the shooting began. A 26-year-old man was killed, seven others injured. Chambers says she came by this afternoon to find her son's car. Earlier in the day, our cameras captured several vehicles at the scene riddled with bullet holes. The windows where the party was held left damaged, too.

MICHELLE CHAMBERS: I'm not familiar with this place. I guess this probably was a place they rented out just for the event they was having.

MEREDITH BARACK: A woman who asked to remain anonymous tells us this place is a problem, and she wants to see something done about it.

- They do a lot of arguing and, you know, fighting and stuff like that. But they don't-- there's never been no shooting like that. This is the first time.

MEREDITH BARACK: There is currently no active business license for the location, yet several people said a dance company often utilizes the space.

Chicago police say they've recovered multiple weapons at the scene, but so far, no arrests have been made. Reporting live outside CPD headquarters, I'm Meredith Barack, CBS 2 News.