Kim about the evacuation from the front-line areas of the Mykolaiv region: We are almost driving them out with sticks

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The authorities of the Mykolayiv region are calling for the evacuation of residents of the front-line settlements of the region, but many people are refusing to leave.

Source: Head of  the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration Vitaly Kim in an interview with "Radio Liberty"

Quote: "We took everyone who wanted to leave, and now we are almost ‘driving [the rest] out with sticks.’ They refuse, sign documents about their refusal, [they] do not want to leave. We have to go there, bring food, [and] persuade them to evacuate."

"There is an opportunity to take them out, and they also have offers from us. We have enough transport and people who are engaged with this."

Details: According to Kim, evacuation is possible to Mykolaiv, other regions of Ukraine, and abroad.

"We transport to Mykolaiv, then the services sort out who can go where. Within the region, outside the region, we have partnerships with other regions and countries. They receive our people and are ready to help there," said the head of the Oblast Military Administration.