Kim Jong Un riding into the sunset like ...

Ashley Shaffer, USA TODAY
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rode a white horse up Mount Paektu, according to the North Korean government.

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North Korea's Kim Jong Un is going places. A major dark web site's been busted. And the Democrats may have a new front-runner. Here's the news to know Wednesday. 

But first, so many F·R·I·E·N·D·S: Jennifer Aniston's new Instagram account broke a Guinness World Record.

Kim Jong Un took his horse to the old town road

Giddy up, internet, because you’ll never be the same after seeing these pictures (and memes) of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea unleashed a series of photos Wednesday showing Kim Jong Un riding a ~ majestic ~ white horse atop a sacred mountain. The government claims he often rides before making key decisions. Near the mountain, Kim reportedly vowed to overcome U.S.-led sanctions that he said pained and infuriated his people. Although the journey was meant to portray a powerful statement, many took to Twitter to mock the world leader. One said, “Not the Game of Thrones spinoff series I was hoping for." 

Kim Jong Un has a firm hand on the reins in North Korea.

Feds charge 337 with running dark web child porn site

Hundreds worldwide have been charged with running or using a major child sexual exploitation site that included videos of adults abusing children as young as 2 years old, federal authorities said Wednesday. A nine-count indictment says 337 people in 24 U.S. states and 11 countries were arrested and charged. The dark web, also known as "darknet," is encrypted online content that is not indexed by conventional search engines. Authorities said the site contained 250,000 videos that were downloaded a million times by users worldwide.

What everyone’s talking about

'The Kurds are being slaughtered'

In a rare bipartisan rebuke, the House overwhelmingly voted to condemn President Donald Trump's "abrupt" decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria, saying it benefits U.S. adversaries. The resolution underscores the bipartisan backlash for Trump over the troop withdrawal that cleared the way for Turkey's assault on U.S.-allied Kurds. It notes that the Kurds "fought courageously with the United States against the brutality of ISIS throughout Syria" and that the withdrawal benefits adversaries such as Syria, Iran and Russia. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said the pullout stained America's reputation as a dependable partner, adding, "The Kurds are being slaughtered."

Real quick 

There's a new Dem front-runner: Elizabeth Warren. Just ask her rivals

Twelve Democratic presidential candidates took to the debate stage Tuesday night – making it the biggest primary debate in history. The polls show former Vice President Joe Biden with an edge over the rest of the Dems, but the folks most intensely attuned to the contest – her rivals competing for the nomination – targeted Elizabeth Warren. Here are some of the other big takeaways from the debate:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts assures Democrats she has a plan.

A break from the news

It all came down to this moment 

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition released its list of 2019 winners, and they are stunning. In this moment, photographer Yongqing Bao captured the intensity of life and death – a predator mid-move and terrified prey. Check out all the winning images and how the photographers captured them.

P.S. We are all very worried about the marmot. 

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