Kim Kardashian Got a 'House of the Dead' Arcade Machine Delivered to Her Home

Gary Trock

Kim Kardashian better brush up on her zombie hunting skills because she's going to be responsible for putting an end to the outbreak and saving humanity.

The "KUWTK" star revealed she's the proud new owner of a special edition arcade cabinet for "House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn."


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"I come home and this is in my living room ... how fun," Kim sarcastically announced while scoping out the new game.

The machine, made by SEGA, stands over 7.5 ft tall and includes a 55" HD screen.

According to SEGA, "The zombie Horror-themed cabinet is unique with 3D molding gives a sense of zombies trying to escape the cabinet. Interactive features and color changing lights accentuate the zombie shadows resulting in a chilling look."

A description of the game also touts a "five-dimensional full body experience" that features, " 5.1 channel surround sound with sub-woofer, high spec bass shaker, air canon and spot LED lights, all work together to produce a captivating, tense horror feeling that thrills players."

"Scarlet Dawn" was released in September 2018 and is the 5th game in the "House of the Dead" franchise.

They were released in Japan and then the U.S. where they ended up in all Dave & Buster's locations.

The storyline takes place 3 years after "House of the Dead 4" and finds the main characters battling the undead at the mysterious Scarecrow Manor.

It's pretty clear Kim did not purchase the game, we're thinking Kanye is responsible, but something like this will definitely run the zombie hunters several thousand dollars.

Kardashian family game nights are about to be taken to a whole new level.