Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her 'Pretty Cool' 130-Inch TV that Rises Out of Her Bedroom Floor

Madison Roberts

Kim Kardashian‘s bedroom is where the magic happens — if you’re a tech junkie.

The KKW Beauty mogul and her husband Kanye West‘s $60 million home is full of jaw-dropping features — like her manned security pod, or confounding basin-less bathroom sinks — but she showed off yet another showstopper on her Instagram story on Wednesday: her 130-inch flat screen TV that rises out of the floor.

In the video, Kardashian pans to her windows and a seemingly bare floor, but then announces that she wants to share a surprise.

“So I’m in my bedroom, and I wanted to show you guys something cool,” Kardashian says. “Not just my drapes, but Khloé thought that since I was showing you guys some tech stuff I should show you guys my TV in my bedroom.”