Kim Kardashian Tries And Fails To Stop Amber Rose’s Reality Show

It seems like just about everyone has their own reality show – and soon to be added to that list is Blac Chyna and Amber Rose who have just been commissioned their very own series on MTV.

However, one person that definitely won’t be cracking open the champagne on their behalf is Kim Kardashian who reportedly ‘tried her hardest’ to prevent the show from ever happening.

And failing that, it’s believed that Kim will stop at nothing to make sure that no one watches their soon-to-be filmed MTV reality show.


Well, Amber Rose is the particularly vocal ex of her husband Kanye West while her BFF costar Blac Chyna is the particularly vocal ex of Tyga – Kylie Jenner’s new beau.

Kylie Jenner being Kim’s sister, obvs.

Oh – and to make things even more complicated Amber Rose also has history with James Hardmen – Khloe Kardashian’s new beau.

These gals have a LOT of goss… Copyright: [Wenn]

So between them we reckon the fear must be that they have some serious dirt to dish on the respective exes and the new women in their lives.

And while Kim K is happy for the world to know (and see) most things – this, to her, is out of bounds.

“This is the worst possible scenario for the Kardashians,” a source told, adding:

“Giving these two more of a voice than they already have is going to be beyond destructive! Amber and Blac Chyna will definitely be verbally going after the Kardashians on TV,”

“Kim tried her hardest to prevent this show from happening, but obviously did not succeed.”

We want to say we won’t be tuning in for Kim’s sake but we think we’re going to have to. Y’know, just for ‘research purposes’ and that…