Kim Kardashian's hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons talks her famous White House bob

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No mater where Kim Kardashian goes, she's serving looks. Whether it's the supermarket or the White House, Andrew Fitzsimons deserves credit where credit's due.

The Kardashian-Jenner's longtime hair stylist works seven days a week with multiple clients a day. That's the kind of work ethic you need when the world's most famous family calls upon you to be part of their elite and exclusive glam squad. Born in Ireland and having moved to Paris alone at young age, Fitzsimons has been around the world and back thanks to his busy line of work.

Recently, the famed hair stylist took a trip to the White House with Kim Kardashian West, where his client announced a rideshare program for former inmates alongside the President of the United States.

Her sleek bob and powersuit made just as many headlines as her speech in the East Room.

"She had the bob already (cut by Chris Appleton) and she was going to the white house so we were kind of inspired by Christy Turlington, nineties turn-under voluminous bob. I saw her outfit, the green suit, which already looked very early nineties. So as opposed to having it up, we wanted it to feel like a nineties supermodel, politician, presidential candidate in the future. That was the vibe."

"Picking the perfect hairstyle isn't picking the most outrageous or the trendiest or the whatever. My approach is that everything should look seamless and a look should say something...there's a lot that goes into creating a look. In the fashion and beauty industry we are storytellers and how we tell stories is through how we make our choices," he added.

While Fitzsimons might have the highest level of celebrity clientele at his fingertips, there's still one star he dreams to work with.

"I would love to work with Lana Del Rey," he told AOL. "Lana Del Rey is someone whose music inspires me a lot and I listen to every single day. Even when I'm not working I listen to sad ballots, like on the treadmill [laughing] But her vibe and her aesthetic is very similar to my own, the way I dress, the way my house looks-- it's very L.A. sixties, harping back to a different era where style was very important and mixing it with something that is a little bit more current and casual."

Aside from creating some of the most memorable hair moments in pop culture, Fitzsimons also uses his (very little) spare time for good. He recently founded the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program at the L.A. LGBT center, where people and brands can donate unused personal hygiene products to disadvantaged transgender people.

Among his busy schedule, Fitzsimons has teamed up with NatureLab Tokyo as a brand ambassador to promote the cruelty free and healthy hair care line.

"I don't like to sacrifice health of the hair for a style. I think that when you look at skin or hair, the first thing you notice is the health, just naturally that's the way our brains work...So, for me working with a company that believes in using the best of science and also the best of nature is really important because a lot of my clients and most people nowadays are looking for more natural alternatives...It's great to be able to work with products that I know are free of so many harmful chemicals that in the past people used to damage their hair with. Not only that, but the products make the hair look beautiful instantly through styling or shampoo and conditioner regimen. But are also, improving the health of the hair."

The Tokyo-based brand recently launched its 3-in-1 scalp scrub, which Fitzsimons credits as his must-have product.

"This is my new favorite product. I've been talking to all of my clients and everyone that I work with and everyone's really impressed with can do it once a week, it's like any other exfoliator. You can literally notice the difference. I have to equate it to getting a really good body scrub. Your hair will look shiner, it will feel healthier and lighter because we don't realize the amount of build-up we have in our hair.

"If you imagine washing your face with just a cleanser and no exfoliator ever, it's going to clean your skin but it won't take away all of the things you want to take away. So, it's the exact same principle with your hair," he added.

Check out our favorite Andrew Fitzsimons' hair moments below!

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