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Feb. 21—The month of February is a busy one and I didn't want to forget one of the most important parts of February, Black History Month. It is important to teach our children about diversity and the important people in Black History that opened up things for the black community, so they can see positive things about the black community instead of all the negative things they have been seeing over the past year.

At the beginning of my search, I went to National Geographic Kids and found what I thought was a good beginning because it has how Black History Month started, what it honors, and Black History Month today. If you stay on their site they have links to African Amerian Heroes and African American Pioneers of Science.

On,They list How to celebrate Black History Month at home. Some suggestions are creating a virtual museum on people who are important in Black History, learning traditional African American songs, or studying African American poetry.

Then, on I liked that they had a list of 10 Amazing Picture Book Biographies. and it has a link to check out eight online exhibits on Black history, racism and protest; this site also noted that PBS has a collection on Black history, it has a link with African American Visionaries poster with names from A-Z this one I really liked. they have Black History Trivia and Games with a line to: Black history multiplication — true or false and Black history quizzes (these online quizzes are perfect for remote learning!). It also has worksheets and activities like Black history coloring pages and Barack Obama crossword and trivia. My favorite from this site sent me on the link 29 Days Of Crafts For Black History Month — Creative Child that has some great crafts to help teach about Black History. My favorite is the one in the photo where you make paper quilt squares with an important Black History person's photo in the middle.

Another place that had some good ideas was which had a list of books to read to celebrates Black History and it had this that I liked: Create a Collage Children of all ages love to create collages. Using magazines, the internet, books, or newspapers, allow children to cut out, position, and paste images of African American influencers on a piece of poster paper. After viewing clips and reading stories about each figure, children can also look for other items of significance and arrange and glue them near each person.

Right after I saw the activity on making paper quilt squares, I found this site: with The following list that might help with this and some of the other activities I have listed in this week's theme.

—Benjamin Banneker

—Elijah McCoy

—Harriet Tubman

—Frederick Douglass

—George Washington Carver

—Booker T. Washington

—Samuel Morriswas

—Dred Scott

—Matthew Henson

—Garrett A. Morgan

—James Weldon Johnson

—Colin Powell

—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

—Barack Obama

—Mary Mcleod Bethune

—Marian Anderson

—Mahalia Jackson

—Marian Anderson: singer

—Maya Angelou: singer, actress, activist, writer, poet

—Lil Hardin Armstrong: jazz musician

—Pearl Bailey: singer, performer, stage, film, special ambassador

—Marian Anderson: singer

—Regina Anderson: librarian, playwright

—Josephine Baker: entertainer

—Willie B. Barrow: minister, civil rights activist

—Daisy Bates: journalist, civil rights activist

—Mary McLeod Bethune: educator, racial justice activist, New Deal government official

—Gwendolyn Brooks: poet, winner of a Pulitzer Prize in 1950, poet laureate of Illinois

—Marita Bonner: writer, educator

—Shirley Chisholm: politician

—Ruby Dee: actress, activist

—Mae Jemison: astronaut, physician

—Barbara Jordan: politician

I also liked this idea from Enjoy African food.

Many groups observe Black History Month with public lectures and exhibits and perhaps include African foods. African dishes that are related to African-American favorites are especially appropriate for these occasions.

An African meal example:

—WKoki- an appetizer made from black-eyed peas

—Peanut Soup -a pan-African and African-American favorite


—Yams , or their American relation, sweet potatoes

—Fruit Salad or Coconut Pie for dessert

—Beverages: Green tea with mint, (iced, if you like)


I think this would be fun for possibly each member of your house to find an African American favorite food to make and make each one for a dinner celebrating Black History Month.

Celebrating Black History Month is important to me because as I have mentioned before, I have learned so many things that I have not done right in the past and I thought I was not prejudiced in any way, but during this past year, I have learned that I have a lot to learn and I want to be that person and learn everything I can to make things better for not just the Black community, but any other person who I may have offended or make things better for them when others offend or hurt them.

Let me know any ideas you have or what you would like to see and I'll get right on it for you. Email me at

Remember to be kind and love each other and continue to set a good example for our children. See you next week with new ideas and ways to help your children.

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