'He kind of just snapped': Witnesses recount Boulder dog attack as police release video footage

Jan. 29—Boulder police have released a video from a Sunday Boulder dog attack in the 3200 block of Palo Parkway.

The video depicts the dog involved in the attack running toward a police officer during an ongoing attack on a man. According to a release, when police arrived on the scene they saw a dog mauling a man and tried to use a stun gun to subdue it.

The stun gun was ineffective and then the dog began attacking the officer, according to the release. The officer fired his gun striking the dog several times and officers began putting tourniquets on the man. Police said the dog then got up and charged at the officers a second time before being shot again.

The mother of the attack victim, Tanya Jackson, said the incident started Sunday when her son reached into the crate of the dog, Dutch, and the dog grabbed onto his arm and began attacking him.

Jackson, a registered nurse, thinks the aggressive behavior was the result of a medical issue, possibly swelling in the brain, which Dutch had been suffering from for weeks. The family was in active discussion of putting him down due to recent hallucinations and blood in his stool.

Jackson specified that the dog did not live in the home and often traveled with her son.

After the dog died, it was transported to the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for a necropsy "to rule out rabies, a brain tumor, accidental toxin ingestion and other possible environmental causes for the attack," a Boulder police release said. Police said the findings of the necropsy would likely not be available for several days.

This morning Jackson sat in her living room with tears in her eyes and spoke about the love her son had for the 8-year-old mastiff bulldog.

"We're a family suffering in two ways," Jackson said. "He was a part of our family. We take care of our own. We put time into this dog, effort into this dog."

Jackson, who said she witnessed the entire attack, said despite efforts to protect her son, which included her daughter hitting the dog with a skateboard, the dog continued to bite her son. According to Jackson, while her daughter held back the dog, Jackson dragged her bleeding son out of the front door and onto the porch.

After the front door was shut, the dog managed to escape through an open back door before running around the house and attacking the son again in the front yard. Jackson thanked her neighbors for coming to her side, one of whom was armed with knives and stabbed the dog multiple times.

"Screaming, that was the only sound," Jackson said. "My son screaming."

Today, Jackson's son remains in the hospital and is stabilized. The 24-year-old musician, who plays guitar, lost the tip of his pinky finger during the attack but said he was more bothered by the grief he felt towards the loss of his dog.

"He kind of just snapped and wouldn't let go," the victim, who declined to be named, told the Daily Camera. "He was my best friend. He's never given me that type of worry like that before. He's never snapped at my sister or my mom or anybody. He was a lovely dog, he was an amazing dog to have. I never wanted him to experience pain like that."