From Kindergarten Through High School, Arlington Student Ladasia Rhone Completes 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance

No sick days. No vacations, coronavirus pandemic-related absences or family emergencies. Arlington High student Ladasia Rhone has gone all the way from kindergarten to her senior year of high school without a single absence.

Video Transcript

- Good for them. North Texas seniors from Fort Worth ISD, Rockwall, Red Oak, and Arlington are graduating today. But the day was extra special for one Arlington High senior. Rachel O'Neil explains.

- 18-year-old Ladasia Rhone graduated high school today, but that wasn't the only milestone she accomplished. The senior also ended with a bang, perfect attendance since kindergarten.

LADASIA RHONE: It's pretty rewarding just because-- it's just like, wow, I can't believe I really did that.

- Rhone and her parents set this goal when she was five. But she says, it came with sacrifice. Never calling in sick, sticking to strict vacation days, and when the pandemic hit, she joined online classes early to avoid the possibility of being marked absent.

LAQUITA RHONE: I'm very proud of her for going to school every day, making it. We've encouraged her, and the future is bright. We look for her to be doing many, many more things.

- Her daughter was the only person out of 640 students in her class to accomplish this. She juggled a busy schedule and was on homecoming court, graduated top 12% of her class, and--

- I am a A, B honor roll student, so that's pretty good along with the perfect attendance. And I was also a section leader in band.

- While the journey to perfect attendance wasn't easy, Rhone tells me, today made the hard work worth it. Her message to kids aspiring to reach this goal--

- To never give up on your dreams, because once you give up, then you can't really reach it at that point. So just always keep trying, and don't forget to also get your education. Because your education does matter.

- Ladasia says, she'll be attending Texas Wesleyan University this fall and plans on becoming a math teacher. In Arlington, Rachel O'Neil, CBS 11 News.