Kindergarteners To Raise Rescued Chickens In Baltimore County

Kindergarteners at Watershed Public Charter School in Baltimore County will help to raise rescued chickens.

Video Transcript

- All right, Mark. Thank you. Well, Baltimore County Animal Services is known for protecting animals and promoting responsible pet ownership.

- So now they're focusing on the latter for a school in Windsor Mill. Max McGee reports. This restoration project gives a valuable lesson.

MAX MCGEE: The Baltimore County Animal Services delivered six of these chickens to this chicken coop at Watershed Public Charter School. It's all part of getting the kids ingratiated with their integrated learning system. And yep, I'm inside of a coop, just winging it.


MAX MCGEE: Just when you thought a normal day at school would involve a notebook and pen, you're 50% right. You're just thinking of a different kind of pen.


MAX MCGEE: Half a dozen rescued birds that weren't properly taken care of have an entire community to look after them now. They're introducing this group of kindergartners to science in a new way of exciting learning.

- Well, I know that they eat corn.

MAX MCGEE: They eat corn.

- Me, too.

KAREN NORTON-SMITH: Watershed Public Charter School is founded on environmental agriculture and nature-based learning.

MAX MCGEE: Each grade has their own special job, which means these five-year-olds are the keepers of the chicken.

KAREN NORTON-SMITH: We have chicken here-- part of our curriculum-- to learn about life cycles, about animal behaviors, and all sorts of things. So that's why we have chickens here.


- --and they lay eggs.

MAX MCGEE: These birds replace two who are enjoying a life of leisure at one of the teacher's homes.


- --a worm!

MAX MCGEE: These six are still hard at work eating clovers and worms. Now, you may be wondering just how this chicken coop got to Watershed Public Charter School. It took parents only three days to start a fundraiser for $3,200 to get the kids to learn. In Baltimore County, Max McGee, WJZ.