King Charles Has Made Some Major Changes to the Royal Family's Christmas Plans

King Charles Has Made Some Major Changes to the Royal Family's Christmas Plans

In a mere matter of weeks, the royal family will be gathering together for their annual Christmas celebrations in Sandringham—a yearly event that involves everyone going on an extremely slow walk in fancy hats.

While the royals always spend Christmas in Sandringham (it's a tradition!), apparently this year will be slightly different. Not just because it's King Charles' first time hosting, but because he's making some major changes.

BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond tells OK! Magazine (via the Daily Mail) that Christmas with King Charles will be "less formal" and "less buttoned up" than previous years. So...what does this mean, exactly?

In previous years the royals have been expected to follow strict protocol during the holidays—bowing and curtsying included. But apparently Charles wants a more laid back vibe, in 2022 and has even decided not to make everyone sit around watching his speech. Instead, Charles will pre-record the annual address to the nation, and wants his family to spend the day remembering the Queen.

the royal family attend church on christmas day
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As Bond put it, "I’m sure he’ll record a few days before, and it’s bound to have some reflection on their loss."

While some traditions are obviously changing, the royals will be doing their traditional walk on the Sandringham estate, and will then return home for a Christmas meal. And since you're probably wondering, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were invited to attend the family gathering, but are not expected to make the trip. Which some experts think could be (at least in part) due to the fact that their Netflix docuseries is expected to drop just a few weeks before Christmas. More on that here:

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