King and Prince offers kids a chance to thank veterans

Nov. 9—Veterans Day isn't until Friday, but it's never too early to express one's gratitude. That's certainly what the leadership at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island believes.

Military service is a calling to protect the United States and its people. All eventually leave the service either by choice or sacrifice, and honoring the two holidays for both groups — Veterans Day and Memorial Day — is the least the rest of us can do to thank them for their service. Through tomorrow, families can swing by the Cottage Custard + Coffee shop on the resort grounds to make a personal thank-you card to thank veterans in the care of Promedica Hospice.

"We did this last year but only offered the opportunity to create a card over the weekend preceding Veterans Day," said Bart Johnson, general manager of the King & Prince. "We opted to make it a weeklong event this year after seeing the great response from the community."

Cards and art supplies will be provided for kids who want to participate, said Johnson, and anyone who hands in a card will get a free chocolate or vanilla mini frozen custard cone.

"Once all the cards are filled out, my wife, who works for the organization, hand delivers them to veterans currently in the care of Promedica Hospice serving Southeast Georgia in Brunswick," Johnson said.

U.S. citizens owe much to veterans, Johnson says, which is why the resort felt compelled to do something this year that would help people express their thanks.

"A small note of thanks to the individuals that have served our great country is the least we can do," Johnson said. "It is important today and everyday to thank the ladies and gentlemen of our armed forces for their sacrifice.

"Our team was challenged to identify a way to honor our local vets while still offering that family-friendly component. So we provide the materials and a free mini cone of frozen custard as incentive for the kids and allow folks to create their own note of thanks."

The King and Prince, and St. Simons Island as whole, both have a longstanding tradition of supporting the military, Johnson says.

Founded in 1935, The King and Prince would soon aid WWII military efforts by installing radar amplification towers for an adjacent U.S. radar station, which also contended with German submarines on the hunt for vulnerable cargo ships.

"The King and Prince was a key installation during World War II," Johnson said. "Our signature restaurant ECHO is named for the resort's role in housing towers that were used to amplify radar signals.

"The resort also accommodated naval air officers' quarters and classrooms during this time. Supporting the military has become a tradition for us, especially those who are no longer active."

The King & Prince is on St. Simons Island, and the Cottage can be found at 238 Arnold Road. For more information, contact the resort at 912-638-3631.