King Of Prussia hiring fair aims to fill hospitality staffing shortages

More than 350 bar, restaurant and hotel positions will be up for grabs at the Let's Go KOP Hospitality Hiring Fair, with a $300 bonus to the first 65 people who accept a position.

Video Transcript

- Well, business is finally starting to pick up again at restaurants and bars. The staffing shortages though continue to be a big problem. Alicia is here now with details on a hiring fair coming up and now King of Prussia, of course, helping and aiming to change the problem.

- Yeah. And there are a lot of layers as to why these businesses can't seem to fill these jobs. But here's the bottom line. Tomorrow, more than 350 positions will be up for grabs at the Let's Go Co-op hospitality hiring fair.

RACHEL AMMAN: We will be showcasing 31 different restaurants and hotels. They are hiring for basically every position you could think of in a restaurant and a hotel. From front of house to back up house to leadership roles from hosts to servers to bartenders, housekeepers. Really, it runs the gamut.

- Employers will also be conducting on-site interviews at this job fair and they're prepared to extend offers right there on the spot. Among them, Founding Farmers. The owners of the restaurant really anxious to fill open positions.

DARRAGH MOORE: I've been in the business now for over 30 years. And I would say, now this is one of the toughest kind of staffing situations we face. You know, with the pandemic going on, the stimulus package for sure has had an impact. It's positive right, but the negative side of it is that not everybody wants to come back to work right now.

- So if you do and you're looking for work, bring your resume tomorrow to the alloy King of Prussia from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. And listen to this. The King of Prussia district is also offering a $300 bonus to the first 65 people who accept a position. These restaurants, these hotels, they want to get people back to work because people are ready to go back to patronizing them.

- Absolutely.

- All right. Quite an incentive, thank you.