King Soopers Customer Describes Scene During Active Shooting

Boulder police rushed to an active shooter call at a King Soopers on Table Mesa Drive near South Broadway.

Video Transcript

- You've got somebody with you right now. Conor McCue.

CONOR MCCUE: Yeah, hi Jim. This gentleman is telling us that he was in the store. First off, can you tell me who you are, sir?

RYAN BOROWSKI: Yeah, my name is Ryan Borowski. I live in Boulder.

CONOR MCCUE: Tell me what you were doing and what you experienced inside.

RYAN BOROWSKI: I just went in for a soda and some chips, and kind of changed my directions, and I heard one loud bang. I thought somebody just dropped something, an employee or something, and then another, and then by the third one, everybody was running. We ran to the back of the store, and found our way into the employee back of house.

Some people were running into the pantry, employees were telling people this is the exit. We went out the cargo bay and jumped underneath the loading truck that was there, and ran up the back of the hill, and now my car's still here, so that's the only reason I'm hanging out. But yeah, it seemed like it happened at this entrance here on I guess the East side, and I was closer to the West side. So it's just-- I can't believe it's happening in Boulder, honestly.

CONOR MCCUE: And how many people were around? Was it a pretty busy time here inside the store when this happened?

RYAN BOROWSKI: We weren't tripping over each other, but we were single file. Somebody had their hand on my back, I had my hand on somebody's back, and we were just saying, go, go, go, run. When we got to the back of the store, there were employees who still didn't know what was going on. And we just told them to run. But yeah, I'd say it was decently crowded, but thankfully not too crowded.

CONOR MCCUE: And when you were trying to make your way to safety, did you happen to-- did you guys see anything involving the shooter, anyone injured, anything that was concerning to you?

RYAN BOROWSKI: After the second shot, I was already in an aisle, and I think it happened up by the cash registers. So yeah, I told my wife I wasn't close enough to be a hero or anything, so at that point, it was just run, get out of there, tell everybody to leave. And that's what we had to do.

CONOR MCCUE: Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm happy to see you're safe.


CONOR MCCUE: Yeah. And there you had it, Jim. A really scary experience in there for shoppers, as a busy time, just trying to get to safety. And you heard him, he heard it, and he got to safety as quickly as possible, and we're happy to hear that his story is a good one.

- Yeah, Conor, we certainly are, and just remarkable, describing an urgent but orderly escape. People knowing it's best to stay single file, easier to get through the exits at that point. Got some guidance from store employees on how they could get out the back, get towards that loading dock, and escape the premises. So they certainly had an angel on their shoulders.