King Soopers Customers Hid In Coat Closet During Active Shooting

A gentleman shares the story told to him by family members who were inside the Kings Soopers during the active shooting.

Video Transcript

CONOR MCCUE: I just got some very good news, but can you tell me about why you're here, and why you're outside.

- I got the call from my daughter that my grandchildren and my son-in-law were-- walked into the pharmacy for him to get a COVID-19 shot, and the shooter came in, shot the woman in front of them. They hid, ran upstairs, were hiding in a coat closet for the last hour, and trying to stay in contact with my daughter. They're OK. They just are now out the back. They had half a dozen stormtroopers, half a dozen cops came in through the roof, got them, and then told them, stay quiet, and they're OK. This is not OK with me. And this has put in a big pitch for gun control. This is-- you know, when it's your family, you feel it.

CONOR MCCUE: And you were in communication this whole time?

- Through my daughter. They were texting, hiding in the coat closet, turned their phone off, and were going, we're hiding, we're OK, don't call, the phone would ring and give away their position. Anyway, they're-- thank God they're fine.

CONOR MCCUE: And so do you know where they are? Are you going to check on them now?

- She just said they're behind, with about 150 cops, and I'm going to go give them a hug.

CONOR MCCUE: We'll let you go do that. Thank you, sir.

- Thank you.

CONOR MCCUE: Again, Jim, just scary, scary stuff. But that gives you a little bit of a better picture of what other people inside experienced a little bit earlier this afternoon.