Kiplinger: Anniston ranks as one of nation's most affordable places to live

Aug. 14—The Kiplinger Newsletter, one of the nation's most-read publications on finance and economic forecasts for more than a century, has identified Anniston as one of the top 10 most affordable American cities in which to live.

Anniston holds the sixth spot, just below Amarillo, Texas, and just above Knoxville, Tenn., according to rankings the publication released last week.

Kalamazoo, Mich., was ranked as the least expensive in the nation and no other Alabama cities were in the top ten.

"The city's proximity to the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge makes it a good jumping-off point for hikers, mountain bikers and other outdoorsy types," the publication said in describing Anniston.

The article also said Anniston housing costs are 42 percent lower than what the average American pays.

"Recent trends show that people are leaving larger cities, whether it be due to the cost of living, or a desire for smaller, more walkable, outdoor communities," Mayor Jack Draper told The Anniston Star in responding to the article. "Anniston has very affordable housing options and our city is abounding with outdoor amenities and quaint, walkable neighborhoods. Thus, if you are looking for something new, we want the world to know that Anniston is not only affordable, but that it is also a great place to live."