Kirkland Fall Recycling Events Planned From September To December

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KIRKLAND, WA — Kirkland will follow-up its recent round of recycling events with a half dozen more planned over the next four months. Each event will allow residents to drop off materials that can be difficult to dispose of properly, including styrofoam, plastic film, batteries, electronics and CRT monitors. Two events will also include confidential shredding services.

Here's what's on the docket for Safer Fall Recycling:

All events are subject to change and updates will be posted online.

Visitors will be required to wear face coverings to protect staff, and remain in their vehicles until it is their turn to unload. At some events, staff will remove items while attendees remain in their vehicles. The city completed six events over the summer following the same health and safety protocols.

"It was important to the City to be able to help enable people to do the right thing for our planet, while staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19," Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold said in a statement. "The City Council encourages you to put on your mask and take advantage of these great recycling opportunities."

During the pandemic, city facilities remain closed to the public, and recycling drop-off areas inside City Hall, community centers and the Public Works Maintenance Center are not accepting materials.

Another key change this year: the city will not be able to host the Halloween Costume Safety Swap, due to safety precautions.

Anyone with questions about recycling options in Kirkland can contact the city by phone at 425-587-3812, or by e-mail. More information can also be found on the city of Kirkland website.

View a flyer for all planned events below:

This article originally appeared on the Kirkland Patch