Kismet block business celebrate re-openings with block party

Jan. 7—ROCHESTER — The Kismet block on North Broadway has much to celebrate in the new year, so much that the owners of the three businesses came together to celebrate the first Friday night of the year.

The Kismet block, also known as Rochester's 'Penny Lane', saw many changes to the businesses in the fall. Jes Peterson, current owner of

Kismet Consignment

, took over the business and ownership of the block

back in September from Penny Bracken


Then in the beginning of November, Heather Wright, owner of

Tulips and Truffles

moved her business from downtown Rochester to the Kismet block. The final space of the Kismet block was filled by

Gallery 24

, an art gallery which was previously in Tulips and Truffles space.

All of these businesses are women-owned with Peterson inheriting the landlord title from Bracken when she purchased ownership of Kismet Consignment.

"There's usually nothing going on in the first week because everybody is tired after Christmas," said Anne Thiemann, president of Gallery 24's board of directors. "So we wanted to all kick off the new year with a bang."

"We wanted to have a grand reopening as we were in a new space, and just wanted to do a birthday party for Jes since it is her birthday today," added Sarah Hoppe, vice president of Gallery 24's board of directors. "It's a great opportunity to cross promote and give the block the community feel of it all."

Galley 24 sits directly between Kismet, and Tulips and Truffles. While the block is not a new location for them, they will be introducing some new things to the gallery with their monthly theme exhibits for 2023.

"One of our new members wanted to have one month's theme be mythology, and I thought that was awesome to do since we hadn't done that before. Different artists have different styles and it speaks to them. We're really looking forward to these events and what they can provide for artists and the community," said Hoppe.

To start the new year, local photographer Curt Butturff had his first print photos displayed at Gallery 24 for the block party.

"These photos were of the Whitewater River and part of that was funded for me by the Minnesota State Legacy Fund Grant, which highlights natural resources that enhance the environment for all of us,"Butturff said.

Next door to the north at Tulips and Truffles, Wright is happy with the

extended amount of space for her floral business

while also adding a home for former business space partner Scrubb Your Butt as well as Crown Incentives.

"People can find us a lot easier, and then parking of course is easier from our previous space. I'm excited about the customers from Kismet discovering us and I'll be bringing in a new designer, Jay Wassner on Jan. 20. They've never lived in Minnesota but for them it'll be well worth the cold to help out here," said Wright.

Wright is thrilled on two fronts. First, she's happy to have her business on the same block as Peterson, who Wright has been acquainted with for 10 years. She is also excited to be a part of a block of women-owned businesses and see how they can help each other flourish.

For Peterson, the biggest change she brings to Kismet Consignment for the new year is more events in her store. She hopes these events will also bring more business to the neighbors and their shops.

"My hours are still limited from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, so I am hoping to bring on more staff to expand them. But until then doing events like this one ... will help bring in more customers for Kismet, the Gallery and Tulips and Truffles," said Peterson.

The excitement for 2023 was felt all throughout Kismet block Friday night. The three shop owners believe strong partnership with each other will help to make Kismet block one of Rochester's most lively scenes for women-owned businesses.

"Bring it on. We're all excited for 2023," Peterson exclaimed.