Kit Kat Thins have arrived, a slimmer version of the classic candy bar

Gina Salamone, New York Daily News

New year, new Kit Kat.

The classic candy bar is showing off a svelte new figure for 2021, as Kit Kat Thins have made their way onto store shelves nationwide.

Score the skinny new sweets in 3.4 and 7.2-ounce bags, for $2.39 and $3.89, respectively.

The trim treat is thanks to the Thins having just two crispy chocolate-covered wafers instead of the usual three in standard bars.

Kit Kat Thins are a permanent addition to the fam as opposed to recent fleeting sweets.

Hershey, which runs the Kit Kat brand here in the U.S., has gotten more adventurous in the past year, rolling out limited-time flavors like Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, Lemon Crisp, and Raspberry and Cr 1/4 u00e8me.

Nestle produces the chocolate bars globally and is known for churning out even wilder varieties, from a Yuzu Sake flavor available in Japan, to a six-fingered multi-colored Mermaid bar sold in Brazil. In case you’re wondering, the mythical sea creature-inspired bar combines pineapple and coconut flavors.