Kitten Eyeliner Is the Coolest New Take on the Cat Eye

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A cat eye will always be classic and flattering—hence its enduring appeal. That being said, like anything else, eyeliner looks come in and out of style, and kitten eyeliner is the newest way to wing.

Earlier this year it was all about smudgy, smokey liner—a throwback to teenage angst and a perfect way to wear our pandemic-induced rage on our faces. But now that things are starting to settle, crisp winged liner is back, with a twist.

What makeup artists are calling the kitten eye—a subtler and daintier version of the classic cat eye—is the coolest way to wear liner at the moment. “Smaller lines are starting to be a trend because they are easier to execute,” says celebrity makeup artist Tarryn Feldman. “I also feel that people want a cleaner eyeliner look, and because the kitten eye requires less liner, it can be cleaner and easier to do.”

The kitten eye has become a staple in what I’m calling TikTok face, which is all about minimal makeup and glowing skin, with a focus on lifting the face. Staples include brushed-up soap brows, lots of “stacked” cream blush, and some fake freckles dotted across the nose. The kitten eye falls perfectly into this aesthetic, since it has a more natural vibe than a more dramatic cat eye, but lifts and elongates the eyes for a “snatched” look.

While some eye shapes can be overwhelmed by a larger wing, part of the kitten eye’s appeal is that it’s universally flattering. “Kitten eyeliner looks good on everyone; it’s just a little pop,” says Feldman. “Overall, every eye shape can do many different types of liner, so never get discouraged that you can’t rock a cool liner or try something new.”

The technique is pretty simple, especially if you already have a classic cat eye down-pat. The main difference is to start your liner in the center of your eye instead of tracing all the way from the inner corner. Then use short, thin strokes to draw along your lash line, and give it a tiny flick at the end for a subtle wing.

Feldman says using a black eyeshadow and flat liner brush is a pretty foolproof way to get it right if you're not confident with a liquid liner (if you are, she likes NakedPoppy’s). Or for a more smudgy take, Feldman says to use a pencil on your lash line, and blend it up and out with a smudger brush. No matter what method you use, if things get too dramatic, just tighten up your wing with a little micellar water and some pointed Q-tips.

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Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

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