Klay Thompson drops hilarious quip on Draymond Green's leadership style

Klay drops hilarious quip on Draymond's leadership style originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

It takes thick skin to play with Draymond Green: just ask Klay Thompson.

Speaking with reporters at Warriors Media Day on Sunday, Thompson described just how it feels to play with a vocal player like Green with the 2022 NBA season kicking off in a few weeks.

"Draymond is our vocal leader," Thompson said when asked how tough Green can be to his teammates. "He's like an extension of our coaching staff."

Moreover, the Warriors' sharpshooter called Green a "great teacher" and is great at giving out "tough love."

"You know, whatever happens between the lines of the hardwood, we don't take personally," Thompson added. "And we all know it comes from a great place because we all want to win so badly."

As a competitor, Thompson also noted that Green's leadership style is not for the faint of heart.

"And if you can't be yelled at by Draymond, you probably can't play for the Warriors. It's just kind of like a by-law now. It's just what it is," Thompson concluded.

Green's passion on the court is well-documented. From his infamous disagreement with Kevin Durant during the 2018-19 season to his innumerable technical fouls, the Warriors' defensive anchor is irreplaceable.

For Thompson, getting yelled at by Green should be commonplace at this point, considering the two have been together for 10 seasons and have experienced the highest of highs (winning four NBA titles) and lowest of lows (winning a league-worst 15 games in 2020) during their time together.

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Regardless of what fans may think about Green's demeanor on the court, there's a reason why so many NBA players and coaches think so highly of the four-time champion and 2017 Defensive Player of the Year.

Despite not posting gaudy scoring numbers each year, his impact goes deeper than just what the stat sheet says.

Just ask Thompson.

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