Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend Accuses Him of Sleeping With a Groupie on Twitter

Klay Thompson's girlfriend caught him cheating.

A 25-year-old professional basketball player on a team that just won an NBA title is going to have unlimited options where female companionship is concerned. So the idea that one of them would find temptation too hard to resist, even while in a committed relationship with a model, shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise.

But when the scorned woman takes to Twitter to put that NBA player on blast, now we have something that isn't exactly an everyday occurrence.

This is what appeared to happen to Klay Thompson recently when his girlfriend Hannah Stocking called him out in a series of now-deleted tweets. She wondered if Thompson's desire to "get his numbers up" was the cause of this particular incident of infidelity and used an unflattering photo of him while claiming to have found him "naked in bed with a groupie."

At least there was an "lol" at the end, so perhaps Stocking isn't taking things too seriously. It's unclear if the two will choose to remain a couple after this, but Stocking appears to be well aware of the challenges of landing a quality mate in this day and age.

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