Klay Thompson rips Trump administration for treatment of Bahamians

Ali Thanawalla

For Klay Thompson, the destruction to The Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian hits close to home.

Thompson's father, Mychal, was born on the island, and the Warriors star returns every year to visit family.

The Thompson family also has a charity foundation that helps the youth in the US and the Bahamas.

So it must have been heartbreaking for Thompson to see so many Bahamians lose everything.

On Friday night, Thompson wrote a long Instagram post asking for small and large donations to help the citizens affected by Hurricane Dorian.

But the Warriors star also had a direct message for President Donald Trump.

"Secondly, shame on our current administration for not welcoming our Bahamian neighbors in their greatest time of need. I've been so lucky to visit my family in Nassau since childhood, and in those times I've seen countless Americans use the Bahamian islands as their playground for letting loose and vacationing.

"And now we turn our back on the people who welcomed us with open arms, when they've lost everything !? There's no excuse for this... and if you have one your a real piece of 💩"

In the wake of the hurricane, Bahamians were seeking temporary protected status in the US until it was safe to return to the island. But earlier this week, the Trump administration denied the request.

Thompson isn't the first local athlete to ask for donations to help The Bahamas. Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield, who was born in Freeport, donated $100,000 to relief efforts and has started a GoFundMe page to raise money.

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"My heart is broken for my fellow Bahamians, especially on the island I was raised on, Grand Bahama," Hield wrote last week.

Thompson's shot at Trump isn't the first time a Warriors player has gone at Trump, and it certainly won't be the last time.

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